Our Facility

Our current facility is situated on 720 acres of rolling grassland - with additional areas under development.

The Sanctuary was designed and built with a centralized compound located in the middle of the habitats. This portion of the facility is used as an initial receiving area for new rescues, and has specifically designed areas that allow animals to recuperate and adjust to their new surroundings. The rehabilitation process for rescued animals begins here with special playgrounds located within the compound area that help prepare animals for living in large acreage habitats.

The monumental “Mile Into The Wild” Walkway stretches over 4,800 feet in length and gives visitors unprecedented access to over 290 Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other Large Carnivores roaming freely in natural habitats.

The walkway connects the Sanctuary’s original complex at the south end of the facility to the 4,000 square foot observation deck inside the state of the art Bolivian Lion House that sits on the northern edge of its current habitat system.  With future expansion projects, we will continue to expand our network of elevated catwalks and decks over new habitats being built on our remaining 400 acres of open land. 

Our very unique 7,000 square foot temperature controlled round-house provides optimal care - and is used as a primary staging area for recent rescues that will be going through our rehabilitation process prior to moving into a habitat.

Our extremely large habitats allow the animals to run free, and play with others of their own species.


Tigers and Bears love to swim in our natural lakes and ponds...

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