The Wild Animal Sanctuary is managed by a team of dedicated professionals, each bringing their own unique talents to make life better for the animals…

Founder and Executive Director – Pat Craig – Pat began saving captive wildlife after learning that thousands of “surplus” animals were being kept in tiny cages in the back of zoos all across the country – with many being euthanized on a daily basis.  Pat set out on a mission to help save these animals by building a small rescue facility on his family farm outside Boulder, CO.  In doing so, Pat became the youngest state and federally licensed person in the country – as well as the first person to build a sanctuary dedicated to saving large carnivores.  Pat’s vision has led, 35 years later, to the oldest, largest nonprofit sanctuary in the Western Hemisphere dedicated exclusively to the rescue of captive exotic and endangered large carnivores that have been abused, abandoned, exploited or illegally kept. He has also pioneered the art of building large acreage species-specific habitats, giving the rescued animals wide open spaces in which to roam.

Pat’s 35 years of experience in captive large carnivore behavior and sanctuary development have led to his becoming a leading expert in the field. He has participated in The Association of Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association, on whose board he served. Pat lectures regionally and nationally on captive wildlife rescue and transportation, great cat behaviors and diets, and has worked tirelessly toward better protection for these animals. He works hand-in-hand with the USDA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and many other state and national organizations in the never-ending rescue of animals in need. Pat has also worked with Mexican agencies on rescues from that country.

Pat’s time as a designer and contractor has been key in his creating and building the unique and expansive infrastructure that makes up the 720 acre Wild Animal Sanctuary today. He has also used his background in secondary education to develop extensive wildlife curriculums pertaining to the Captive Wildlife Crisis.

Pat oversees and participates in all TWAS’ operations, including rescues, animal care, building operations and maintenance, development, administration, and education. He is also TWAS’ resident computer and audiovisual guru, handling social networking applications, producing Sanctuary videos, taking photographs and creating the quarterly newsletter. Pat has a BS in Education from the University of Northern Colorado, and has received recognition from many sources, including the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Humane Association, and from E-Town Environmental Radio Show. He was also a finalist in Animal Planet’s “Hero of the Year” competition. (to top)

Vice President, Development & Marketing – Christopher Howley – Chris brings many years of strategic fundraising, analytics, client relations, consumer sales and marketing experience to bear on the role he serves here at The Sanctuary.

A passionate believer in cultivating donor relationships, serving the mission and transparency, Chris sees his work at The Sanctuary as a call to service more than a job.

Having worked with many different local, regional, national and global non-profit organizations, as well has years spent working with high-profile and super-niche magazine brands, Chris is thrilled to bring his many years of diversified experience to the management of The Sanctuary’s overall fundraising programs and community outreach events, branding and marketing efforts, Welcome Center, Animal Ambassador program, and Sanctuary administration and executive management.

Working with strong teams of like-minded individuals who all share the same heart for the animals & mission of The Sanctuary, Chris leads by example with a roll-up-your-sleeves approach to getting things done. Chris is a life-long learner, having studied marketing and business administration at Middlesex County College, as well as computer science through MIT’s OpenCourseWare.

Having completed extensive training as a diversified fundraiser in pursuit of an eventual CFRE credential, Chris is also a devout techie, holding certifications from Microsoft, Tableau Software, SAP and other well-respected professional technology training companies. (to top)

Senior Director of Development - Bob Francella - Bob joined The Wild Animal Sanctuary staff in March 2014 as the Senior Director of Development. 

Bob holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Metropolitan State University in Denver and a Master’s Level Advanced Management Certificate for Non-Profit Executives from the University of Denver. He has also achieved the distinction of being a Certified Fund Raising Executive.

Prior to joining The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Bob has spent his entire career in the nonprofit sector, dedicated to helping people and animals. Bob began his service as a counselor to abused children and also gave guidance to children with life-threatening asthma. He served as the Executive Director at the Washington Park Community Center in Denver for five years.

Bob held leadership roles at the North Colorado Medical Center Foundation for 13 years and gained a diverse background in special events, donor relations, grant writing, campaign management, workplace giving, annual giving and many other aspects of development. As the Director of Major Gifts, he prepared the institution for a $26 million campaign. While there, he served as the founding Executive Director of the award-winning Monfort Children’s Clinic, a medical care facility for medically indigent children. Most recently, Bob served as the Director of Development and Community Relations for Larimer Humane Society, which experienced a 30% increase in fundraising revenue under Bob’s leadership.

With regard to his current position, Bob states, “The Wild Animal Sanctuary is changing the world, one animal at a time. As an international leader in rescuing large carnivores from harmful situations, they provide them safety and comfort for the rest of their lives. TWAS provides crucial public education about the captive wildlife crisis. I am thrilled to help advance their mission.”

Bob resides in Fort Collins with his wife, Rose. He enjoys spending time with his family. Other interests include church, friends, music, movies, books, nature, people, and life itself. (to top)

Chief Operating Officer – Casey Craig – Casey's 25+ years of experience in assisting Sanctuary Operations has led to his present position being responsible for the overall operations of the Sanctuary.

His years of experience in construction, plus his natural skill in design make him a leader in designing species-specific animal habitats with underground dens, play structures and other amenities.

Casey also designs and oversees construction on other types of enclosures for the smaller rescued animals, and heads up all Sanctuary building projects, such as the veterinary hospital, new Welcome Center and extended visitor areas. He oversees the extensive utility needs at the Sanctuary, including electrical, plumbing and underground water storage units.

Casey also oversees the Sanctuary's animal rescues, administers the animal care program, and consults in all of its various functions. He manages the fleet of vehicles needed for rescues, food transportation and cold storage, materials hauling and habitat construction.  (to top)

Board of Directors

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is governed by a Board of Directors, which meets quarterly. Current filled Board Positions are held by:

Judy Wilson, Chair - Independant - current Term 1/2014-1/2016

Judy is a Purchasing Supervisor for Staples, where she is a Senior Buyer for National Accounts. She has served on the Board for five years, and as Chair since 2008. She was the Volunteer Coordinator for The Wild Animal Sanctuary for over eight years, and in that capacity managed hundreds of volunteers and conducted regular orientations and training for new Volunteers. Judy continues to help the Sanctuary through her role as Board Chair, as well as being a member of the Sanctuary’s volunteer Speakers Bureau - regularly making presentations on the Sanctuary’s behalf. Judy attended the University of Las Vegas, and the University of Colorado, where she majored in anthropology.  (to top)

George Ellis –  Independant - current Term 1/2014-1/2016

George is a supervisor for the Public Works Department in Boulder, CO, specializing in construction and carpentry, where he has acquired numerous advanced certifications. George has been heavily involved in The Wild Animal Sanctuary since its inception in 1980, with animal care and rescues, as well as in the construction of animal housing, rescue/transport cages, large animal enclosures, habitats and visitor infrastructure and large observation decks. Throughout the Sanctuary’s growth and evolution, George has been a stalwart presence in saving captive wildlife.  (to top)

Dr. Ashley Watson –  Independant - current Term 1/2013-1/2015

Like most people integral to the management of TWAS, Ashley started as a volunteer. In 2006, she was hired in administration, and managed the Sanctuary’s Adoption and Pledge programs. With her background as a Vet Tech, Ashley took the first opportunity available to work in animal care. In 2008, Ashley was accepted in to the Colorado State University Veterinary Program, and graduated in 2012. Ashley is currently continuing her education at CSU with a mircobiology residency, as well as volunteering at the Sanctuary helping treat our large carnivores. Ashley brings a variety of related experiences to TWAS’ board.

(to top)

Scott Edwards - Independant - current Term 1/2013-1/2015

Scott Edwards – Scott, a veteran entrepreneur, founded his first company, Sportnet, in 1985. His second company, Epigraphx, founded in 1992, delivered tailored fax and email services for Fortune 500 companies, and gained a market leadership position before merging with SilverPop Systems Inc., in 2001. The third company, StuffBak, founded in 2000, continues to provide loss protection and recovery services for consumers and corporations. Scott has raised $9MM in angel and venture capital financing, and is a seasoned manager, having been the President and CEO of all three companies. Additionally, Scott was the Director of Sales and Marketing for Mountain Travel, and President and CEO of Boulder Rock Club and Colorado Mountain Club. Scott holds a Bachelor’s degree in business communications from Pepperdine University and is the General Manager of LockIn Security, LLC.

Scott was involved with the Sanctuary in the early 1980’s when the original facility was started outside of Boulder, CO, and spent a modest amount of time interfacing with the Sanctuary until he relocated to CA.  Years later, Scott moved back to CO and eventually became highly involved with helping the animals during the Bolivian Lion Rescue.  Scott remained committed to helping the Sanctuary grow and was instrumental in helping the Sanctuary to raise funds for building the Mile Into The Wild Walkway.  Scott continues to utilize his entrepreneurial skills as a member of the Sanctuary’s Board of Directors.  (to top)

Toni Scalera- Independant - current Term 1/2014-1/2016

Toni has been saving and advocating for animals all her life.  She began volunteering at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in 1999, and after seven years of working with every aspect of the Sanctuary's operations, became its first Director of Development & Public Affairs in 2006.  After serving in that position for many years, Toni relocated to CA to be near her grandchildren, but remaind involved with the organization by representing the Sanctuary's intrests from afar.  Now working as a nonprofit consultant on the west coast, Toni continues to bring a wealth of experience to TWAS, including funding, public and legislative affairs, donor relations, operations, rescues, and animal care.  Having graduated from Florida State University with a BA  Honors degree in commercial art, Toni has parlayed her creativity into a variety of ways to serve the animals.   (to top)

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