Kanookie: Private Surrender--- When a Colorado resident realized that keeping a Lynx-hybrid wasn’t going to work out, The Wild Animal Sanctuary was contracted to take Knookie. A sometimes shy girl, Kanookie loves her new surroundings at TWAS, and enjoys playing hide and seek with Bobby, the Bobcat, her pen-mate. 

Dmitri, Koschka, Maggie & Cherokee: Washington State Court Ordered Surrender- Dmitri, Koschka, Maggie & Cherokee werconfiscated through a court order after state officials found a person breeding them to sell as pets.  TWAS was contacted by a Humane Society that had been temporarily holding the cats, and agreed to give them a life-long loving home where they can live freely. 

Viktor & Oleg: Born toWashington State Court Ordered Surrender animals - Viktor and Oleg were born at TWAS shortly after their parents – Koschka and Dmitri - were rescued. Koschka and Dmitri were sent to TWAS after their owner was forced by Fish and Game officials to relinquish the animals. TWAS was informed that the female was reportedly spayed so we kept the pair together. However, it wasn’t long before we discovered that Koschka was pregnant. The entire Lynx family lives happily in a large enclosure with other cats – enjoying the freedom and room to roam that they so aptly deserves. All of the males have been neutered now to prevent any future breeding.

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