Though we come from deep forests… from the edges of deserts… from snowy mountain
ranges… from dense wet jungles… we are now part of your community.
Who are we?
We’re the cast-off, unwanted wild creatures whom man brought to civilization, bred and profited from, and no longer has use for… we are CAPTIVE WILDLIFE… Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards, Mountain Lions, Bears, Wolves and other Wild Species. We number in the tens of thousands, and we are starving, cast off, abused, abandoned, exploited, confined in tiny cages, illegally kept and traded, and bred for profit - not love.
A sanctuary is a special place, a place set aside for safety and shelter…a refuge that protects from danger or hardship or tragedy.   A true wild animal sanctuary puts the needs of its residents first – it meets the nutritional, space and psychological needs of the rescued animals.   At The Wild Animal Sanctuary, we take these meanings literally when it comes to the captive exotic and endangered large carnivores we rescue. Our goal is to give our rescued animals the kind of lives that they would have if they could choose it themselves.
Here you will be able to learn more about:
·         What is a Sanctuary?
·         Take a Virtual Tour
·         Captive Wildlife Crisis
·         Deep Forests
·         Frequently Asked Questions
·         Sanctuary MAPS

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