Hours & Visiting Information

DAYS & HOURS:  The Wild Animal Sanctuary is open daily for Visitors except for:

New Years Day - Fourth of July - Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day


 We open every day at 9 AM and close the facility at sunset (exact closing times are posted below).


  • Adults - $15
  • Children, ages 3-12 - $7.50

Cash, checks, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Debit Cards all gratefully accepted.

We are only closed four days a year - Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.  In the event of snow storms or other extreme weather, it’s always a good idea to call before driving out, 303-536-0118.

How Do I Get There?
For a map and directions, please click on “MAP to Facility.” (it's a good idea to not use your GPS - as they usually take you on a wild goose chase getting here...)

Physical Address: The Wild Animal Sanctuary

1946 County Road 53

Keenesburg, CO 80643

What About Schools or Group Visits? Please click on “Schools” or “Group Tours.”

What should I bring?

Binoculars are a great way to see better anywhere you go... and some stationary units are available at no fee on the walkways and decks.  Video and still cameras are always great, as they can help record your visit!

What Can I Expect When I Visit?

Your first stop at the Sanctuary will be our big Welcome Center & Gift Shop. You’ll be welcomed by TWAS staff and volunteers, where you’ll pay your entrance fee and receive an orientation about the Sanctuary’s work, as well as the rules and regulations. From there, you will proceed to walk on ramps, the Mile Into The Wild walkway, and observation decks up above the animals.

Our walkway system spans more than 300 acres of animal habitats, so most visitors stay two to three hours minimum, but you are welcome to stay as long as you like while we’re open. Most ramps, walkways and decks are wheel-chair and stroller accessible.

You’ll walk above some animals who are in large enclosures (during their transition period until they are ready to move into large acreage habitats with others of their own kind), and you’ll view others in large species-specific habitats of up to 25 acres.

TWAS has more than 290 Lions, Tigers, Bears, Leopards, Mountain Lions, Wolves, and a few smaller carnivores such as Servals, Bobcats, Lynx, Foxes, Coyote and Coati Mundi. We also have also rescued Horses, Ostrich, Emu, Camel & Alpaca, as well as Cats, Dogs, Parrots and other Birds. You’ll get to view most of the animals enjoying life in great big habitats or large enclosures, complete with all kinds of enrichment structures, such as lakes, pools, platforms and other animal “jungle gyms,” as well as “boomer balls” they can roll around or swim with.

At the top of the first ramp is our enclosed Education Center…a round building above the main Tiger compound that features videos by National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet that show incredible rescue stories as well as other interesting information about the Sanctuary. There are also many printed posters with abundant information about the Sanctuary’s mission and operations.

There is a restroom in the Education Center, as well as men's and women's restrooms on the ground level near both Welcome Centers and at the Bolivian Lion House's north entrance.

As you walk on the ramps, Mile Into The Wild Walkway, and observation decks, there will be informational signs posted at every habitat and other important area of the Sanctuary.  We also have a "Wildlife Audio Tour" that is free to use (accessed by using your cell phone) so that you can learn additional information about the animals near where you’re standing.

Each of the main observation decks has picnic tables and chairs, as does the small garden area at the foot of the main ramp. You are welcome to bring your own picnic lunch... and there is also a fully operational snack bar that offers a wide variety of nutritious food, snacks, and beverages. From sandwiches and wraps to fresh salads and ice cream, there is something for everyone! During our winter hours, the snack bar is only open on the weekends and is subject to close for bad weather. 


“I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to tell you that my wife and I absolutely loved our visit. The sanctuary is amazing and the work you do often goes without its rightful praise I would imagine. Please tell Pat we were especially appreciative of his visit as well, especially since my wife can remember watching "Growing up Leopard" when it premiered on Animal Plant years ago.”

Take Care,
T. Bilobran

“I remember so vividly the wonderful visits I’ve had at your sanctuary, and since then, I’ve made my birthday an invitation for my friends to send donations on my behalf as birthday gifts. The animals are always in my heart, as well as all of you, for making their comfort and well being a reality. THANK YOU for all that you do!”

Much love always,
SN Balise

“Wild Animal Sanctuary – Thank you so much for your recent ‘Sanctuary News’ – we loved the articles, the great stories and the photos, all were interesting and informative. You folks all are doing such a wonderful job and we are grateful for your dedicated service and care of the animals.”

Again, thanks for all you do!
Harper Family

"We came out to the sanctuary for my daughter Raven's 17th birthday. She has always loved animals. When she was 5 she said, "I want to be a zoo keeper when I grow up"...As she has gotten older her views have changed a bit. She now wants to study animal behavior and conservation at CSU to make a difference for all animals who can not be in the wild. A HUGE thank you to The Wild Animal Sanctuary for showing her and us, that there is hope for these animals after a horrible beginning to most of their lives."

Judy Goetz

"I posted on your FB page, but wanted to stop by here as well and tell you what a wonderful time I had when I visited the Wild Animal Sanctuary. My kids and I took a trip out to CO (from WI) to visit my sister. When planning our daily activities while we were in the Denver area, my sister and her girlfriend strongly recommended we visit your sanctuary. What a wonderful mission you have! I sat in the roundhouse with tears in my eyes as I watched some of the videos. Thank you for what you are doing in order to provide these beautiful animals a better life. And I have to s ay, of all the animal destinations we stopped at during this trip (2 zoos, 2 drive-thru safaris, and you), the Wild Animal Sanctuary was by far my favorite! I can't wait to visit CO again because I WILL BE back to visit you again!"

Amy B.

"My husband I enjoyed seeing all the animals but one especially caught our attention today . The young timber wolf that was with the Arctic wolves wanted to play and socialize with all the other napping in that enclosure. He literally trotted around the area stopping to nudge or actually lay down and roll into his pack mates. He just seemed so happy and full of energy. He succeeded in waking everyone up with his/her animated antics!"

Jan Angel

"My visit last weekend quite possibly made my whole summer! I've loved cats - big & small - since I was a little girl and this was the first time I've seen them in a natural habitat. We got there just in time to see the tigers being fed - it was so awesome to see them so happy with their food. There was one tiger near the start of the ramp that was in his metal pool and he wouldn't put his one paw in the water. It made me laugh!! The big cats have the same funny quirks as little house cats. Further out on the ramp we saw the gorgeous lions, and one of the m ale lions kept head butting and rubbing on the female lion. They clearly love each other so much and are so happy there. And all the way at the other end we saw a bunch of sleeping lions - one was on his back just like my cat at home sleeps. I smiled for the rest of the week because of my visit there! I'm so happy you guys are doing what you do. See my email with pictures attached. Hope to see you again soon!"

Jessy Walker

"My son and I learned about the Sanctuary through a friend who shared her copy of your newsletter. When we learned we were going to Colorado we made a point to include the Sanctuary in our two week visit. We were so impressed and wanted to continue to help even though we live in Kentucky. We participate in your printer cartridge recycling program. Thank you for this great opportunity to recycle and help the animals."

Lesa Stevenson

"What a wonderful place you have there! To see the animals being free of cages is an awesome thing! Im so happy to know that there are people like you that really care and are making a huge difference for these animals. My experience there was wonderful. I hope to be able to volunteer soon. Thank you for helping these beautiful animals.

"What a wonderful place you have there! To see the animals being free of cages is an awesome thing! Im so happy to know that there are people like you that really care and are making a huge difference for these animals. My experience there was wonderful. I hope to be able to volunteer soon. Thank you for helping these beautiful animals."

Michelle Shadley

"Another Awesome day visiting there today! I have come out three times and last two years we are amazed at the walking trail over the top! Keep up the good work!!! Animals are so happy and healthy looking! We truly enjoyed the staffs helpfulness and friendliness! Everyone is so knowledgeable and answered many questions from our NZ Guests visiting us. WE are So Blessed to have this in Colorado I rate this sanctuary a 10/10 rating! Thank you!!!!"



Due to Licensing and Special Use Permit Requirements - ALL Visitors need to exit the facility and be off Sanctuary grounds no later than the specified closing time!

To help ensure our visitors have enough time to tour the facility - the Sanctuary’s entrance gate is closed a minimum of one hour prior to the official closing time listed below.  This policyis strictly enforced… and the Sanctuary actually suggests visitors come no later than two hours prior to closing to have enough time to see  the entire facility.



JAN. 8 – JAN. 18     4:50

JAN. 18 – JAN. 26    5:00

JAN. 27 – FEB. 2       5:10

FEB. 3 – FEB. 11        5:20

FEB. 12 – FEB. 20     5:30

FEB. 21 – MAR. 1      5:40

MAR. 2 – MAR. 8      5:50


MAR. 9 – MAR 19       7:00

MAR. 20 – MAR. 29   7:10

MAR. 30 – APR. 7      7:20

APR. 8 – APR. 17        7:30

APR. 18 – APR. 27      7:40

APR. 28. – MAY 5       7:50

MAY 6 – MAY 17         8:00

MAY 18 – MAY 27       8:10

MAY 28 – JUNE 18     8:20

JUNE 19 – JULY 25    8:30

JULY 26 – AUG. 3       8:20

AUG. 4 – AUG. 12        8:10

AUG. 13 – AUG. 19      8:00

AUG. 20 – AUG. 26     7:50

AUG. 27 – SEPT. 2    7:40

SEPT. 3 – SEPT. 8    7:30

SEPT. 9 – SEPT. 14   7:20

SEPT. 15 – SEPT. 20  7:10

SEPT. 21 – SEPT. 26   7:00

SEPT. 27 – OCT. 2       6:50

OCT. 3 – OCT. 8           6:40

OCT. 9 – OCT. 14         6:30

OCT. 15 – OCT. 21        6:20

OCT. 22 – OCT. 28       6:10

OCT. 29 – NOV. 2       6:00


NOV. 3 – NOV. 7          5:00

NOV. 8 – NOV. 15        4:50

NOV. 16 – NOV. 30      4:40

DEC. 1 – DEC. 28          4:30

DEC. 29 – DEC. 31         4:40

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