Wild Open Spaces is the hallmark of the Wild Animal Sanctuary. We desperately need to acquire adjacent land to expand the number habitats and to provide the quality of life that African Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large carnivores and omnivores need to thrive.

For the last decade development has increasingly encroached upon the once open land surrounding the Sanctuary. Many of our supporters remember that just a few years ago 80 acres of land adjacent to us was slated for a mass housing development. Had the Sanctuary not been able to acquire that land through the generous support of its donors, the Sanctuary would have lost its ability to complete many of the habitats that exist today.

Due to economic conditions, we now have a tiny window of opportunity to purchase adjoining lands at a fair price. Now is the time to seize this opportunity, and secure the few open spaces that remain around the Sanctuary’s current operations. Having additional land for expansion, and to create a buffer for the animals living here now (as well as for those to come) is critical to the Sanctuary’s mission.

For those of you that have had the opportunity to visit our Sanctuary – you know first-hand how much freedom, tranquility and natural beauty our open spaces offer. As we secure more land and open more habitats to our rescued animals, we will build a new “Mile into the Wild Walkway” over the extended habitats – allowing all of our supporters and schoolchildren to enjoy the natural beauty of open space as well.

Imagine being able to take a long relaxing walk above open Colorado prairie, while you enjoy the warm sunshine, fresh country air, and the sight of Lion Prides living in vast spaces alongside families of Tigers, Bears, Wolves and Leopards - knowing all-along that you helped make this beautiful life picture possible… and that you helped provide a natural and peaceful existence for all the animals living in freedom below!

Join the Pride and make a contribution to our Wild Open Spaces and Mile into the Wild Walkway Campaign. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is grateful for any contribution, large or small. It will take everyone’s help to make this urgent project a reality! Please click on the "Mile Into The Wild" Icon below or the donate button to make your donation today.

Thank you for your support!

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