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The Wild Animal Sanctuary currently operates four facilities within the United States. Three of our Sanctuaries are located within Colorado - while our fourth one is located in Texas. 

Keenesburg, Colorado Sanctuary

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Craig, Colorado Refuge

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Springfield, Colorado Refuge

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Boyd, Texas Sanctuary

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Combined, they encompass more than 33,000 acres!

Each of our facilities have incredibly unique programs that rescue animals from horrific captive situations and rehabilitate them so they can live and roam freely within large natural habitats with others of their own kind.​

We care for more than 750 Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves, Jaguars, Cheetahs, Leopards, Mtn. Lions, Camels, Mustangs and many other species of animals!

You are welcome to explore this website for more information pertaining to all of our facilities - or feel free to click on any of the facilities below to learn more about their own unique mission.

The Sanctuary - Keenesburg, CO

1,214-acres of natural habitats...

1.5 miles of elevated walkways...

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The Animal Refuge - Springfield, CO

9,752-acres of natural habitats...

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The Horse Refuge - Craig, CO

22,450-acres of natural habitats...


The Sanctuary - Boyd, TX

41-acres of natural habitats...

Currently, there are more than 20,000 Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large carnivores living outside of our zoo system in America. 


These animals can be found in people's back yards, basements, apartments, garages, roadside zoos and other terribly unnatural places. 

There are no places for them to go other than a Sanctuary like ours where they can be given a new life free from exploitation and abuse.

The vast majority of animals we rescue have never been able to walk on grass before... or run... or even sleep on a natural substrate.