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Gracias por estar dispuesto a ayudar haciendo una donación con moneda criptográfica. Si tiene preguntas, inquietudes o necesita más ayuda, no dude en comunicarse con nuestro amable personal, que estará encantado de ayudarlo.

303-536-0118 (oficina)

Four ways to give:

1st Option - Using FreeWill's Smart Giving Suite

This secure online donation tool has no transaction fee, meaning 100% of your crypto gift will go toward solving America’s captive wildlife crisis!

2nd Option - Using  BitPay

3rd Option - Using  Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase Commerce currently offers seven types of cryptocurrency 
Coinbase Currency Chart.PNG

4th Option - Using  BBB's Giving Portal

Give cryptocurrency through our BBB Portal

Thank you for being willing to help by making a donation with cryptocurrency.  If you need other forms of cryptocurrency accepted beyond those that are offered - please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff who would be more than happy to help.

303-536-0118 (office)  

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