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When people visit the Sanctuary and pay a designated entrance fee there is a general misconception that their entrance fee is designed to "support the animals".  Unfortunately, for every facility (including big city zoos), the cost of being open to the public is far greater than what is derived from entrance fees.

For public zoos, and other arts and cultural entities, there are large city or government subsidies available to help offset their losses.  However, the Sanctuary is not eligible for these types of subsidies... nor do we receive any government support.  Therefore, we rely on a system where visitors pay a higher entrance fee (compared to zoos or museums) in order to cover the operating costs associated with hosting visitors.


Since the animals living at the Sanctuary are rescued, and do not receive support through admission fees, we ask for a separate donation to help with their care.  Once someone donates above our standard entrance fee, they are considered a supporter - and we love supporters!

Supporters, are the only way we exist.  Everything they do is critically important, since donations (and not entrance fees) are the only funds that go directly to the animals and are used to keep the Sanctuary operating.  Everyone here at the Sanctuary is extremely grateful for your support!  

Below are the three basic descriptions related to visiting and supporting our Sanctuary.


We realize many people that have never been to the Sanctuary would like the opportunity to visit and see for themselves what we do here.  We'd love to have them come visit, but also need them to cover the expense we incur every time we host a visitor ($30 per person).


To accomplish this goal, we require adults (ages 13 to 69) to pay $30 in order to offset the cost associated with hosting their visit.

Children (ages 3 to 12) require a payment of $15 in order to offset the cost associated with hosting their visit.

To help ensure the animals receive support, we ask each new and returning visitors to also make an extra donation that will help support the animals.  The amount of this donation is not set, as we allow each guest to choose any amount they feel is adequate.


Active Supporters are people that have donated to help support the animals - and maintain a threshold of $200 being donated within the past 12 months. This is the minimum qualification to become an Active Supporter

Active Supporters can always visit for free and may also bring up to 3 guests each time they come.


People can also qualify for Active Supporter status by doing many other things such as adopting an animal... making a pledge... donating valuable in-kind gifts... and many, many, other ways.  Contact us for more details if needed.


Memberships are a convenient way to visit the Sanctuary on a yearly basis and not have to pay each time you enter.  Numerous options exist to help you find the membership benefits that are right for you and your personal interests. 


Review the levels below to gain a better understanding of what is available, and which set of benefits suits your needs.


Corporate memberships are also available, and more information concerning those can be obtained by following this link - or contacting us directly.



One adult free entry for 12 months.

More Info

Single +1

One member and one guest free entry for 12 months.

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Two adult family members and three children free entry for 12 months.

More Info

Lion's Pride

Two adult members and up to 5 guests free entry for 12 months.

More Info

Affordable Options For Active Supporters:


Now that it is possible to make the choice between entering as a casual visitor - or becoming an Active Supporter - many people ask how they can support the animals without having to donate $200 all at once.  Becoming an Active Supporter can be very affordable if you choose to adopt an animal, or make a pledge, since those donations can be done on a monthly basis. 


For as little as $17 a month, anyone can become an Active Supporter and be able to visit the Sanctuary completely free of charge.   So, instead of donating a large amount all at once, each person or family can give much smaller amounts on a regular basis and visit as often as they'd like.


Entry tickets, animal care donations, and Active Supporter donations are available HERE if you prefer to purchase them ahead of time online...

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