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Weather Issues

There’s a saying in Colorado… “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait five minutes…it’ll change.”

While nearly all of our days at The Wild Animal Sanctuary are good days to visit the animals, there are a few days where we are forced to close because of extreme weather. A light dusting of snow, or a little rain, or a moderate breeze are NOT reasons for us to close to visitors. We close only for the following weather extremes:


  • Heavy or long Snow Storms

  • Icy conditions

  • Extended Rains that wash out the roads (hardly ever happens in Colorado!)

  • Extreme and extended High Winds


The terrain in Colorado may cause the weather to vary greatly from one Front Range community to another. If the weather is inclement where you are, or forecast to be bad, we recommend you call before driving out… and vice-versa - as it may be nice where you are - but terrible here! It’s always a good idea to check if you are unsure, so call us at 303-536-0118. 


General weather for the Keenesburg area can be seen in the widget below, but for a link to the Sanctuary's own weather station showing current conditions, including a webcam image, please click here:

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