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Donating A Vehicle

Do you have a car you’re not driving anymore…or one that you decided not to trade in? How about a camper, motor home, boat, plane or RV that you just don’t use anymore? What about a motorcycle, dirt bike, or 4-wheeler that you would like to see go to help a good cause? The Sanctuary can use it! 

That vehicle or specialty item may be something you no longer want or need, but to the animals, it could be a wonderful gift that can be turned into a source of revenue, and be used for food, rescues or building a habitat! And, in addition to helping animals in need, you’ll receive a tax benefit for donating to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

If you want to donate your vehicle or specialty item, we’d be glad to take it off your hands and give you a receipt for its top value. While there are broker agencies to whom you might donate your vehicle, with the benefit specified to go the Sanctuary or another charity, it’s far better to donate that vehicle directly to us. Here’s why…

If you donate to an agency who advertises they will liquidate the vehicle or specialty item and give the proceeds to a charity – it is important to note there will be a substantial loss in the amount of money that actually makes it to the charity. Agencies that perform these services have great intentions… but they are also seriously burdened by all sorts of costs and overhead. Those costs will have to be deducted from the money they gain from selling your donated vehicle – which results in far less money actually going to the charity. In the end, the actual benefit from your generous gift is reduced significantly.

Here at the Sanctuary, we process all donated vehicles and other items in-house. That means we make the most of your wonderful gift! Since we have dozens of volunteers and staff that can process donated items - and ready them for direct sale – we are able to cut out the middle man! That way the animals get 100% of the benefit… and no one else!

So please remember when you come across items you no longer want or need – no matter how big or small - that we are dedicated to helping you make your donation work to its fullest potential for the animals! Call us, 303-536-0118, if you’ve got a Car, Truck, Van, Camper, RV, Boat, Jet Ski, Plane, Motorcycle, ATV or Trailer to donate…we’d sure appreciate it!

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