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Special Instructions For Groups That Visit...

We love groups at The Wild Animal Sanctuary! With more than 550 exotic and endangered rescued animals living here, there’s always so much to see and learn about! 


So whether you are a Scout, civic, agricultural, business, athletic or other group that would like to visit the Sanctuary together, we would love to help enable you to come.  Education is a critical component of creating a better future for estimated 30,000 large carnivores that make up the Captive Wildlife Crisis in America

When your group visits, they will benefit by learning the animals’ stories (what happened to them before they were rescued) and how their lives have changed now that they live at TWAS.  It is our hope that your group can become as passionate about saving these beautiful animals as we are.

Groups are required to contact the Sanctuary's office in order to receive detailed information about meeting our support and visitation requirements.  Each group will need to provide detailed information concerning the number of children and adults – the purpose of your visit - as well as the type of transportation you will be utilizing (i.e. multiple cars or large buses).  These, and many other factors are important in determining how best to enable your group to visit.

As important as educating the public is, we also have to be good stewards of the donations we do receive.  Therefore, it is not possible for us to offer any group discounts or free admission since doing so would take money away from the animal care budget.


All groups are welcome to bring picnic lunches.  The Lion's Den Cafe, and Ice Cream Shop have food items available for purchase in the Welcome Center.  The Lion's Den Cafe offers an extensive grill menu, a hot pasta bar and well-stocked salad bar.  Ample seating for eating is also available for any size group throughout the Welcome Center.


We look forward to hearing from your group and having them visit soon, and we want to thank you for being willing to help the animals!

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