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Get A Bronze Plaque In Your Name On The Mile Into The Wild Walkway...

Every year, as we near the  anniversary of the building of the Mile into the Wild Walkway, we want to take this time to thank all of our wonderful supporters for their help in bringing this educational opportunity to life.  We couldn’t have done it without you, and appreciate all the ways you showed your support, whether it was through in kind donations… monetary donations… or overall well-wishes.

We are also grateful to those who went a step beyond and take advantage of our unique “Mile into the Wild Walkway” framed certificates and beautiful bronze plaques (that went to supporters who wanted to commemorate their support for this amazing project). Once this opportunity was realized, it was met with overwhelming support!

So far, many hundreds of supporters have helped to fund the walkway by donating at a level that generates a customized plaque. Each plaque is  uniquely different, with some thanking the  Sanctuary for being a home for the animals… and others recognizing their family namesake. Many  of the plaques are in honor of someone dear in  their life… or are made in observation of a loved  one who has shown incredible passion for the  animals and their future well-being.


Those who have done a plaque in honor of a loved one have been impressed with the quality and  workmanship of the plaque they received, and how it represents a long-lasting message that hundreds of thousands of people will see.

Connie Cage, who obtained a plaque for each of her two children, exclaims “It’s wonderful. My kids grew up knowing the Sanctuary, and they now have the opportunity to forever be a part of it.”


Beyond those who have purchased a plaque to honor someone, those who received a plaque in their honor are equally touched. Recipient Teresa Kempf recently stated “This is one of the best, surprise gifts in the world! I love the Sanctuary dearly and to know my family gave to something I love means more than anything else they could’ve done for me.”


As we continue to rescue more animals, and build more habitats, the walkway will continue to expand throughout the Sanctuary's expansive acres. The plaques help us not only fund the expansion and maintenance of the walkway, but also inspire every person who visits and works at the Sanctuary.

For all of us at the Sanctuary, each plaque  represents a piece of someone’s heart, and we feel  blessed to have the opportunity to display their love and devotion for the whole world to see!   We  find each plaque to be a very special part of how  the animals, the walkway, and all life at the  Sanctuary are lovingly guarded by a positive  energy and unified spirit.


We would love it if you would like to join our Plaque Program and become an active supporter of  the Sanctuary and the “Mile Into The Wild” walkway’s splendor. For  more information on how to order a plaque,  please contact us or call 303.536.0118 where we will be more than happy to assist you with creating your own personal tribute!


Click on one of the options below to purchase your Plaque today!

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