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Ways To Help

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and does not receive government support or special funding.  100% of the support that we receive is given by someone like you who cares.

Hosting the public for educational purposes is a very expensive proposition.  Bathrooms, parking lots, walkways, check-in Associates, liability insurance and countless other items associated with being open for visitation cost millions of dollars - so the entrance fees we collect go directly toward offsetting these expenses.

Most people are under the impression that zoos and other facilities derive their income from these fees, but that simply isn't true.  In most cases, less than 50% of their annual budget comes from entrance fees and profits that may (or may not) be derived from gift shop, snack bar, restaurant or other sales.

Although the educational value of being open to the public is very high, it does take precious resources away from the animals if people do not choose to donate on an ongoing basis.

There are many ways to truly help the animals…so we hope one or more of the items listed below is attractive to you!

Make A Donation

Make a Donation to the Sanctuary to help support our important work.  Your donation today will help us rescue & rehabilitate more animals, as well as provide them with large acreage natural habitats to live in the rest of their lives.  You can make a difference - donate today - and help us change their lives forever!

Adopt An Animal

Can I Call You ‘Mom’? With these plaintive words, “Babe,” the little piglet in the movie of the same name, endeared himself to us. Babe the pig was trying to find a family. And, just like little Babe, our 600+ rescued animals are hoping to find a good family…a family who cares about them and meets their needs with caring and compassion. Adopt Today!

Pledge Your Support

One of the easiest ways to help the animals at The Wild Animal Sanctuary is to PLEDGE your support!

It’s also one of the BEST ways to help the animals because it assures consistent contributions on an ongoing basis, which is critical to making sure the basics – food and veterinary care – are met each month.  You can pledge your support monthly, quarterly or annually, and we offer four options to make it easy.

Planned Giving

The act of giving to a charitable organization leaves us with feelings of goodness and satisfies a deep need to help others.  Studies have shown that generosity is good for your health and happiness.  Many gifts can provide recognition for you, someone dear to you or someone you hold in high esteem; they also serve as endorsements of our good works.  Follow these links to learn more about giving opportunities...

Wild Open Spaces

Wild Open Spaces is the hallmark of the Wild Animal Sanctuary. We desperately need your help to contribute toward our 9,684 acre Refuge and help expand the number habitats to improve the quality of life that African Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large carnivores and omnivores need to thrive.


The Sanctuary is not a zoo… and therefore we do not have a large paid staff, or an army of personnel to take care of every task that needs to be done - therefore - our facility is operated by a smaller number of staff and a much large number of very dedicated volunteers. Sign up today!

Summer Safari Dinners

Are you ready for a wonderful evening full of good food, good friends and edifying entertainment?

Then mark your calendar and plan on attending the Sanctuary’s yearly fundraising extravaganza called “Summer Safari."

Other Ways To Help

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