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Wild Open Spaces Campaign

Putting Animals First

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is an exceptional organization that boasts one-of-a-kind facilities. Our primary focus is on the rescue AND rehabilitation of large carnivores Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves, and others that have been subjected to illegal and/or abusive circumstances. What sets us apart from other organizations is our commitment to providing these magnificent animals with the cast, open-acre habitats that allow them to live and roam freely. We are the only organization in the country that offers such unique and spacious living environments for animals in need.

The Sanctuary constantly requires assistance in light of the fact that it has more than 33,000 acres of land either developed into habitats or under construction. Whenever a new group of lions, tigers, or other large carnivores are successfully rehabilitated, a new habitat is built for them where they will spend the remainder of their lives living in spacious comfort.


However, since most new habitats are around 20 to 300 acres in size, significant funds are always required to build and develop habitats. To keep up with the needs of the animals, it is vital to secure funds continually to purchase additional supplies for building habitats.

Throughout the years, we have received overwhelming support from generous individuals who have contributed to our Wild Open Spaces program. As a result, our Sanctuary has expanded from its original 160 acres to an impressive 33,500 acres between our four properties.


With The Wild Animal Refuge, and The Wild Animal Sanctuary land being paid off our main focuses are constructing habitats at The Wild Animal Refuge while buying acres at The Wild Horse Refuge. To complete the purchase of land and create habitats, we have established a special program that allows caring individuals to become Founding Members and Habitat Creators and contribute to this historic purchase.

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