Wild Open Spaces Campaign

Putting Animals First

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a very unique organization with equally unique facilities.  We specialize in rescuing AND rehabilitating Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large carnivores that have come from illegal and/or abusive situations.  We are the only organization in the country that gives animals like these wide open large acreage habitats in which to live and roam freely.

With over 10,500 acres of land currently either developed into habitats, or under construction, the Sanctuary is always in need of more help.  Every time we successfully rehabilitate a new group of Lions, Tigers or other large carnivores, we then build them a new habitat where they will spend the rest of their lives living in spacious comfort.


Yet, with most new habitats averaging 20 to 300 acres in size, significant funds are always needed to build and develop habitats.  In order to stay ahead of the needs of our animals, it is critical for us to constantly secure funds to purchase additional habitat-building supplies.

Over the years an incredible number of very generous people have contributed to our Wild Open Space Campaign and we’ve been able to grow from our original 160 acres to over 10,500 acres today.  Yet, the 9,684 acre refuge in southern Colorado is not completely paid for.  Although the Sanctuary has invested over three million dollars toward paying for the land, your help is still needed.


The Sanctuary has a special program that enables supporters and other caring people who want to help complete the purchase.  Become a Founding Member today and you too can play an important part in a historic purchase that saves lives!


Thank you!