Fundraise For The Animals!

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is funded primarily by individual donations from caring people like you…and we are extremely grateful for your faith in our mission.  Building a partnership with you is the only way our work is possible.

Many people want to help by doing your own kind of special fundraiser… and we’re thrilled that you are willing and able to help our rescued animals!  Doing these sorts of events not only helps raise money for the animals, it also increases awareness about The Wild Animal Sanctuary and the Captive Wildlife Crisis.

Fundraisers can be done by individuals, classes or entire schools, scouts, service clubs, offices, businesses, online businesses…the list goes on and on.  We are more than happy to help with ideas and to send backup materials to help make your event a success.

We’ve listed below some ideas that have worked well for businesses, organizations, school groups, scouts, and individuals. If any of these appeal to you, or you have your own ideas that haven’t been tried yet, we’d love to help. Please give us a call, 303-536-0118, and let’s see how we can collaborate for the benefit of the animals.

 Contact us to learn how to set up a fun and easy online fundraising page...

  • Create Your Own Fundraising site on our Facebook Page

  • Art/Photography Sales

  • Bake Sale

  • Car Wash

  • Casual/Jeans Day at Work

  • Silent Auctions (good for work, service/interest clubs, schools, etc.)

  • Read-a-thon

  • Walk-a-thon

  • Wedding Registry

  • Graduation Registry

  • Donor Dinners

  • Product Parties (such as Pampered Chef, jewelry parties, etc.)

  • Musical or Theatrical Events

  • Online Businesses special promotions

  • Businesses that adopt a Sanctuary animal

Shopping for wish list items on helps as well by adding an extra donation through the program's kickbacks...