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Fundraise For The Animals!

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is funded primarily by individual donations from caring people like you…and we are extremely grateful for your faith in our mission.  Building a partnership with you is the only way our work is possible.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is grateful to those who want to support our rescued animals through special fundraisers, your efforts not only raise funds for the animals but also bring attention to the Captive Wildlife Crisis and our Sanctuary! Fundraising events can be organized by individuals, groups, and businesses alike.


We are happy to provide ideas and support to make your fundraiser a success. Check out our list of effective fundraisers that have been used by businesses, schools, clubs, scouts, and individuals. If you have your own fundraising ideas or need material or help getting started, please give us a call at 303-536-0118, and let’s work together to benefit the animals!


Contact us to learn how to set up a fun and easy online fundraising page!

  • Create your own social media/Facebook fundraiser! (Click here to learn more!)

  • Art/Photography Sales

  • Merchandise Sales

  • Bake Sale

  • Car Wash

  • Read-a-thon

  • Walk a-thon

  • Bike a-thon

  • Corporate Sponsorship

  • Employer Matching

  • Yard Sale

  • Product Parties

  • Musical or theatrical events

  • Casual/Jean’s Day at Work

  • Wedding Registry

  • Graduation Registry

  • Product Parties (Pampered Chef/Jewelry Parties, etc.)

  • Musical or Theatrical Events

  • Online Business Special Promotions

  • Gather items from our Wish List

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