The Refuge

9,684 Acres of Heaven on Earth

The Wild Animal Sanctuary's Wildlife Refuge

Quick Facts:
  • 9,004 Acres of contiguous deeded land, as well as another 680 acres of leased land 

  • Located in Las Animas & Baca Counties near the town of Springfield, CO

  • Amazing natural landscape including Rocks, Trees, Hills, Canyons, Buttes, Bluffs and Water

  • Endless room for one hundred, two hundred and three hundred acre habitats

  • Extension of The Wild Animal Sanctuary located near Keenesburg, CO

An Extension of The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Over the past 39 years, The Wild Animal Sanctuary has grown to become the largest carnivore sanctuary in the world.  Not only by the number of animals we have rescued and currently care for, but also through the size and scope of our operations.

Our educational facility located near Keenesburg, CO is built on 789 acres of beautiful open grassland, the kind typically found on the plains of Colorado.  This site currently hosts over 500 Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other rescued animals and is open to the public for educational purposes. 


Our Wildlife Refuge located near Springfield, Colorado contains 9,684 acres of forested land that also offers, endless hills, buttes, bluffs, valleys and grasslands for current and future rescues.  This facility is not currently open to the public, as its remoteness and raw beauty serve the animals well, but make it nearly impossible for public access.

The refuge was acquired in early 2018 so the mission of The Wild Animal Sanctuary could continue.  The need for more land became apparent in 2017 when our site near Keenesburg became land locked and was unable to continue expanding.

Our Facility near Keenesburg had been continually growing in size since moving to the location in 1994.  Over the next 25 years, the Sanctuary grew to offer 789 acres of open habitats for its rescued animals to live, roam and enjoy.  Yet, with tens of thousands of animals still caught in the Captive Wildlife Crisis around the world today, the need for more space has become greater than ever!

      789 Acres

+ 9,684 Acres

= endless opportunities

How You Can Help

As The Sanctuary continues to rescue more animals, there is a constant need for new habitats to be built.  You can be part of this historic effort to transform the lives of rescued animals by contributing toward the Refuge's development.

By making cash donations, or purchasing one or more acres of land at the site, you enable more suffering animals to be rescued and given a truly natural existence at the Refuge.  

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Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a possible project or learn more about our work.

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