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Help The Animals By Becoming A Sponsor...

There are many ways to help our organization and the animals we've rescued.  Becoming a sponsor can bring much needed support to the Sanctuary and its operation - as well as helping Individuals, Small Companies and Large Corporations.  Please review some of the options listed below, and if you don't see something that will fit what you are looking for, call or email us and we'll be more than happy to discuss other options.

Sponsor Our Annual Running Festival

The Sanctuary's annual "Into The Wild Running Festival" is a truly fun and exciting event that continues to grow exponentially each year.  Held in early June each year, this event offers many opportunities for individuals, companies and corporations to get their brand in front of thousands of dedicated supporters and running enthusiasts.  Sponsorships include a wide array of advertising that is seen across many different media outlets - and will produce a number of benefits to any level of sponsorship.  Click Here to learn more about the sponsorship levels and offerings for this unique and fun-filled event.

Sponsor A Habitat or Other Area of The Sanctuary

The Wild Animal Sanctuary's network of facilities are some of the most unique captive wildlife facilities in the world. Combined, they encompass more than 33,000 acres!  Our large acreage habitats and elevated walkways are truly life-changing features that bring many benefits to the animals, and offer many opportunities for individuals, companies or large corporations to invest in a sponsorship that would be associated with helping our rescued animals thrive.  Click Here to contact us about the many ways facility sponsorships can help a sponsor - while also helping the animals!

Sponsor A Rescue

Rescues are at the heart of what we do, and the Sanctuary is always looking for sponsors who are willing to focus their generosity and branding toward a rescue in order to help offset the enormous costs we incur during many large or international rescues.  Click Here to contact us more about the opportunities that exist for sponsoring a rescue.

Sponsor A Special Project

The Sanctuary is always working on new projects to help grow the organization, educate the public, or help the animals in new and exciting ways.  Obtaining sponsors for education, expansion, public outreach, or one of many other unique  projects we have planned is critical to our overall survival and ability to adapt.  If you or your company is interested in sponsoring a special project, please feel free to email or call us so we can discuss the opportunities that exist.  Thank you!

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