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Habitats at the refuge are being built in harmony with the natural surroundings and general topography that exists.  Throughout the property there are endless numbers of canyons with offshoots heading in every direction.

In order to build numerous habitats we follow the natural contours of the land and fence around individual features.  This 35 acre habitat was built for two Tigers and one African Lion.  The three had been raised together and were rescued as a trio - so they wanted to continue living together in this massive 35 acre habitat.

Here's the same 35 acre habitat from a different angle...

Underground dens are provided for all the animals with the entrances being embellished by natural stones.  These dens go down 6' underground and have a 40' tunnel leading to their sleeping chamber - which is full of wood chips and soft straw bedding.

Closer look at den entrance...

While fencing around the individual features, we stay out of the main drainage areas and flood ways to protect each habitat's integrity.

The end result is a wonderfully forested habitat where the animals can explore, play and relax to their heart's content...

Help us continue to build these amazing natural habitats for all the rescued animals!  Buy an acre of land and become a Founder Today!

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