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Wild Nights

Summer is a unique time for us at the Sanctuary, as the warm temperatures offer great opportunities for both the animals and our visitors. Initially, after the cold temperatures of winter have finally faded away, and spring has arrived… the animals are usually up and most active during the daytime.

However, as spring changes into summer, the animals begin to change their sleeping habits!


As the days grow longer and temperatures climb, the animals start taking advantage of the cool summer nights. Many choose to sleep in the shade during the day, and then get up as the late afternoon clouds roll in… and the sun gets closer to setting behind the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado’s Front Range.

When this happens, it’s as if the Sanctuary comes alive... as the animals greet the cooling temperatures with new-found energy. Packs of Wolves start howling… the Lions start roaring… and the clouds start turning colors in magnificent ways that take your breath away. It’s truly an amazing experience - one that should not be missed.

Many people also like to take advantage of this opportunity by packing a picnic or enjoying dinner with the wonderful wraps, sandwiches, salads, ice cream and other tasty items available from our snack bars as well. The observation decks at the Sanctuary have lots of tables and places to sit and enjoy the company of family, friends and the animals - We hope to see you there!


We highly recommend that visitors coming during the months of JULY and AUGUST (and sometimes September) come right at 9:00 AM (if you can't come in the evening) or definitely, come in the evening (about 5:00 PM) so you can see all of the animals as they come back to life once the sun has retreated behind clouds or mountains!


Year-round - we are open to the public from 9:00 AM to sunset so that visitors can see the animals during this unique time.  Please call for additional information - and/or check the schedule for approximate sunset (closing) times.


The Sanctuary closes its gates at least two hours before the designated sunset times listed below - so that visitors will have enough time to see at least part of the Sanctuary.  Please allow more than 2 hours to enjoy the entire facility (preferably 3 hours or more) and still be able to exit on time - as our permits require all visitors be off the premises by sunset.

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