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Our New

Welcome Center

Our large 48,000 sq. ft. Welcome Center Complex features a dedicated Gift Shop, a Lion's Den Cafe, an Ice Cream Shop and even a large Conference/Meeting Room with an added Commissary... and has 10 acres of parking!  Guests are welcome to utilize any one of our numerous indoor grass and tree-lined picnic areas... or one of the private roof-top spaces for family gatherings and company events.  Our new facility has everything supporters need to enjoy their time with us while also visiting the animals!

Our new Welcome Center is a much-needed improvement now that the average visitor stays 4 to 6 hours.  So no matter what time of day you choose to come, our new facility has everything needed to make your stay very enjoyable and extremely comfortable (just like we do for our animals)!


With its creative design mimicking a quaint small-town main street, our new facility is much like "Mayberry" or "small-town USA" tucked inside a giant biodome filled with trees and grass - it even has brook running down the middle of Main Street with a giant spinning 10 ton granite globe water feature!

Over the years the average time our guests remain on-property has increased substantially.  With so many great habitats and rescued animals to observe and learn about, it's no wonder most visitors stay so long.


Yet, our snack bars were never a good solution to the issue of keeping everyone comfortable, well-fed and in a position to learn about the Captive Wildlife Crisis, so we knew it was time to provide better nutrition for our guests - just like we do for our residents.


 With the addition of our new "Lion's Den Cafe" - which offers everything from vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and delicious salad bar options... to oven-fired pizza, grill-to-order burgers, fries, pasta and other kitchen-select entrees - we now have the ability to provide high-quality food to suit every appetite!


Go To the Lion's Den Cafe online web site

It's been proven year after year, the number one selling food item at the Sanctuary has been ice cream - yes - ICE CREAM!


No matter if it's a hot summer day or the dead of winter; the one thing everyone likes is a tasty treat!  Now, instead of having to settle for one of those convenience store drum-stick cones... or an ice cream sandwich that seems more synthetic than real... everyone can now enjoy a wide selection of real premium hand-dipped ice cream!


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