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Attend or Sponsor An Event

The Wild Animal Sanctuary loves “Events,” both great and small!

Attend An Event

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Saturday, April 22nd, 2023

Wild Earth Day is a great opportunity to help improve current and future habitats for our rescued animals who share our planet! Each visitor that participates in bringing a potted tree or shrub from the list below can visit free of charge on April 22nd!

Earth Day is a fantastic chance to learn more about the important role that The Wild Animal Sanctuary plays to help The Captive Wildlife Crisis. By supporting events like Wild Earth Day, visitors can make a significant difference in the lives of our rescued animals and the future of our planet.

Cottonwood Trees

Eastern Red Cedar (Evergreen Tree)

Lilac Bushes

Sand Cherry Bushes



Saturday, May 6th, 2023

The Circle of Life Luncheon is an invite-only event to express our gratitude to our compassionate supporters who have shown heartfelt concern and understanding for the future of our rescued animals, by including them in their estate plan! If you are a Circle of Life Member, you do not need to do anything except await your invitation which will include all of the details and RSVP information.


If you’ve included the Sanctuary but aren’t in the Circle of Life Society, please contact us to be added to the invitation list. Estate planning can be a meaningful and impactful way to support the animals, and the Sanctuary can help you include them in your plans. This can be done by naming the Sanctuary as a beneficiary in your will or trust, life insurance policy, or retirement account. Work with an attorney or financial advisor to ensure your plans are valid and discuss them with us to assure they align with your wishes while supporting our mission.


More information regarding estate planning can be found here. Please reach out to the Development Department at 303-536-0118 x126 or if you have any questions!



Saturdays - May 20th, June 24th, August 19th, and September 16th, 2023

“Summer Safari Dinners” are truly an extraordinary and unique experience! These fundraisers offer guests an intimate opportunity to connect with Sanctuary staff and enjoy a sumptuous catered dinner while surrounded by several of the Sanctuary’s rescued lions. Witness the lions in their natural element and hear the power of their ROAR!

In addition, the dinner features a detailed presentation by a staff member to educate guests about past, current, and future rescues. This presentation provides valuable information about our organization’s mission, as well as insight into the challenges and successes of rescuing animals. Overall, attending one of the “Summer Safari Dinners” promises to be an unforgettable time! If you’re interested, please click here.



Saturday, June 3, 2023

The Run Into the Wild Running Festival is our largest annual event at the Sanctuary, with thousands of participants taking part each year! This special event offers three courses, catering to different fitness levels: the 5K Jaguar Jaunt (run/walk), the 5K Limitless Lion, and the 10K Tireless Tiger.


The festival features lots of food, drinks, vendors, activities, face painting, and henna tattoos! Participants receive custom-designed running shirts, hats, and participation medals which is a great touch to the overall experience! Don’t forget to take advantage of going on the walkway after your run, as walkway visits are included when registering for the race.


Run Into the Wild is a great opportunity for people to come together to make a positive impact on our rescued animals’ lives all while having fun and being active! Sign up today!



Thursday-Sunday June 15th-18th, 2023 and Thursday-Sunday October 19th-22nd, 2023

Founder’s Day at The Wild Animal Refuge is an exclusive event that is only available to Founders and Habitat Creators who have purchased at least one acre of land. This event offers the opportunity to do a self-guided tour of the property, allowing supporters to see the impact of their support and the progress made.


This year we are holding eight days between June and October to visit, providing flexibility for guests to choose a day and time that works best for them. Gates open at 9 am and close at 3 pm. Lunch will be provided, and Refuge attire will be available to purchase as well!  The Wild Animal Refuge website provides easy registration and great information on how to become a Habitat Creator or Founding Member!



Saturday, October 7th, 2023

The annual “Pledge Party Luncheon” is a special day to honor donors who have committed to a pledge in support of The Wild Animal Sanctuary! Pledging guests can bring a companion to enjoy the lunch and walkway visit. This also allows donors to connect with others who share their passion for animal welfare and provides an opportunity for staff and volunteers to express their appreciation for our donor’s support, as it helps the Sanctuary plan and budget for the animals’ care more effectively. It’s a chance to come together with like-minded individuals and celebrate the difference that pledging can make!

If you are interested in starting a pledge to help the animals and joining this fall event, follow the link provided, or reach out by email to or 303-536-0118.

Light Bulb Poster


Have an idea that you want to try?

The Wild Animal Sanctuary has many options for corporate events, parties, weddings, holiday celebrations, and other special events. Flexible plans for unique space rentals vary in price, and access to our walkway may be added to the space rental for an additional cost per person. Your guests will love the Sanctuary setting, as well as having the option to visit more than 750+ Lions, Tigers, Bear Wolves, and other rescued animals via our world record-holding “Mile Into The Wild” walkway!


The Sanctuary’s 48,000 sq. ft. Welcome Center Complex is a true one-of-a-kind and exciting facility built to host events for 1,000+ people. Take advantage of our large mezzanines looking out at the walkway. Get cozy on our VIP deck for intimate gatherings. Enjoy our large conference rooms with twinkling lights for private parties. Delight in the sound of our large bronze wedding bells on your special day. With so many options located throughout the 1,214-acre facility, we are certain we can help you find the perfect setting for your event! Thank you for considering The Wild Animal Sanctuary for your event!


If you would like to have a staff member from The Wild Animal Sanctuary participate in your event, we would be delighted to offer a detailed presentation and provide educational material about our mission. Even if your event is not held at The Wild Animal Sanctuary, please give us a call and we can arrange for a virtual presentation or come to your location to deliver the presentation and materials.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Development Department, and they would be happy to help! or 303-536-0118

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