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Attend or Sponsor An Event

The Wild Animal Sanctuary loves “Events,” both great and small!

Attend An Event

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Friday April 22, 2022

Join us for an event that is designed to not only help "Mother Earth", but also the animals and humans that inhabit this wonderful planet! 


Make plans to attend,  “Wild Earth Day” begins at 9:00 AM and runs all day until sunset (about 7:45 PM).  There is no charge for guests who bring potted trees that will then be used to improve many new and existing habitats.  


The donations of natural plants aren't mandatory but are greatly appreciated.  Visit the event website to learn more



Saturday May 7, 2022

This invitation-only event is our rescued animals’ way of giving a big, roaring “Thank You” to all of the generous, far-sighted supporters who have included The Wild Animal Sanctuary in their estate planning.

Invitations will be forthcoming, but save the date!  If you have included the Sanctuary in your will or estate planning, but are not already a member of the Circle of Life Society, please e-mail us or give us a call at (303) 536-0118 so we can include you in this great group.

If you are already a member of the Circle of Life, you do not need to do anything—except mark your calendar for this midday event and await your invitation in the mail.  Your personal invitation will include all of the details as well as RSVP information.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary has been around for decades and plans on being here for the animals as long as it is needed.  Be a part of that future by including the Sanctuary and its incredible animals in your estate planning or planned giving.

For more information or to find out how easy it is, please call us at the above number or e-mail us at



Saturdays - May,  June,  August & September  2022

Each year, the Sanctuary holds private fundraisers called, "Summer Safari Dinners," that are held throughout the year.  They are festive evenings at the Sanctuary, complete with sumptuous catered dinners, intimate conversations with Sanctuary Management and the occasional “Lion concert” (where all the Lions join in their own kind of roaring music that can be heard for miles) and dueling “Wolf Howls” from pack to pack.


In addition to individual attendance of Summer Safari Dinners, Sponsorship Levels are available, and it’s a great way to show the animals how much you care. Please contact the Sanctuary at 303-536-0118 to learn more.



Saturday June 11, 2022

There is no other event like it in the entire world!  This annual walk/run festival has grown into the Sanctuary’s largest annual event, with thousands of participants taking part or simply coming to take in the scenery and enjoy the day.

Vendors, face painters, lots of great food and fun are in addition to the three walking and running courses: the 5K walk/run Jaguar Jaunt; the 5K Limitless Lion race and the 10K Tireless Tiger race.

Oh, and did we mention the custom-designed running shirts and hats, and participation medals? 

We look forward to seeing you and your entire family bright and early on June 11th!  It will be a day you won’t soon forget.

For more information and race registration, please visit our dedicated website:



Thursday-Sunday, June 16-19, 2022

Join us at Founder's Day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday for a special luncheon, presentation and tour of The Wild Animal Refuge.  This event is only available to Founders - which are those supporters that purchased at least one acre of land at this new site.

Founder's can come early in the morning when the gates open (at 9:00 AM) so they are able to tour the property prior to the luncheon/presentation... or they can arrive by 11:00 AM so they can attend the luncheon/presentation and then tour the facility.

The Refuge's gates will close at 3:00 PM, so all Founders will need to have completed their tour and be outside the gate by 3:00 PM.  For more details, go to The Founder's Day Event Page.

All Founders must register to attend.  If you are a Founder and are planning to attend this year's event, please make sure to register early here.

If you are not a Founder yet, but would like to become one so you can not only help the animals - but also be able to visit the Refuge - then please follow this link.



Saturday, October 1, 2022

We look forward to hosting our second annual "Pledge Party Luncheon" - which is an invite-only event in honor of all the wonderful supporters that have automatic recurring donations set up to benefit the animals.


Similar to adoptive parents, these special guests are invited to a wonderful catered lunch where everyone can enjoy the camaraderie and friendship that comes with being honored for doing something special.


Pledging guests are encouraged to bring someone along to enjoy visiting the walkway and our Welcome Center, while Sanctuary staff members and dedicated volunteers spend time mingling and conversing with honored guests. If you haven't signed up for a pledge, please consider doing so and joining us at this wonderful fall event!

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Have an idea that you want to try?

Motorcycle “Poker Runs” – You can do these in Colorado, making the Sanctuary one of your stops, or in your own area, if out of state. The benefits go to help the animals, which is great! This works for car clubs as well.

Classes/Scouts/Environmental Youth Groups – We love getting young people involved in learning about and helping the animals. Kids’ groups and classes have done amazing things to help the animals – everything from bake sales, read-a-thons, jewelry and rock sales, car washes, collection of “Wish List” items, poster and letter writing campaigns – the list goes on and on. What would your youth group like to do? Let us know and we’ll send whatever support materials you might need.

Business/Office Events – Such a wide variety of Events to help the animals can be done at the office! Ideas that have benefitted the animals are listed below, and sometimes, offices and organizations have simply raised money for a specific need, or just for the general fund.


  • Potlucks & Silent Auctions – Holiday or any day – share the silent auction winnings with the animals!

  • Drawings – Club or office or anywhere – sell tickets and split the proceeds between the winner and TWAS.

  • Jeans/Casual Day – everybody pays a small “fee” to wear casual attire on a given day, with the benefits going to the animals.


Your own creative idea! Give us a call, 303-536-0118, and we can send support materials to help your event be a big success!

We thank you for helping the animals!

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