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One of the primary missions of The Wild Animal Sanctuary is to educate the public about the Captive Wildlife Crisis.  Over the years as the Sanctuary has grown, and due to the very dynamic nature of rescuing and keeping animals, it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with the signage over the habitats along the walkway and, as guests who have visited the Sanctuary know, that can be frustrating.


Likewise, due to the costs involved with publishing and printing, updating the Tour Guide Book can only be done every few years.  

Therefore, in April 2021, the Sanctuary installed audio kiosks along the elevated walkway.  Each solar-powered kiosk has four different audio recordings related to what is seen in that area of the walkway, or some aspect of Sanctuary operations and animal care/rehabilitation will be explained.  Since each voice recording can be easily changed and at minimal cost, we see this as both a more cost effective way to educating visitors and responding to changes in a more timely manner.


Additionally, on each kiosk there is a QR code that can be scanned with one's mobile phone which will then open a webpage with the written transcripts for that kiosk.  By having both spoken and written accounts available, it is our sincere hope that those guests who may have a visual or hearing impairment will have a much more enjoyable and fuller experience while visiting the Sanctuary.

Below are links that will take you to the written transcripts used in each audio kiosk.  We are working on a written Spanish translation of each transcript, but please be patient as our resources for doing so are limited. 

[Estamos trabajando en un traducción escrita en español de cada transcripción, por favor tenga paciencia ya que nuestros recursos para hacerlo son limitados.]


All of the actual audio recordings from each kiosk are available below.

The Sanctuary is Really Big
Mile Into the Wild Walkway
Firehouse and Beyond
The Tiger Sky Bridge
Lockouts: Their Use
Underground Dens
Winter Weather: No Problem
Solitary vs. Social Animals
Foxes On the Sly
You Gotta Look for the Animals
Lions in the Distance
Swimming with Tiger Cubs?
The Four Ring Habitats
A Kodiak Grizzly in Florida
Uraguay Lions
Foxes Below
Terrible Zoos in Argentina
Black Bears
Syrian Brown Bears
Grizzly Habitat
Ostriches and Emus
Bolivian Lion Story
Land of the Lions
Incubator for New Lions
Geriatric Lions
Lynx and Servals
The Twin Towers
Bald Eagles
Lynx and Servals
Above the Animals
Building the Walkway
The People in Orange You See
Sanctuary Ecosystems
Grizzly Bears
25 Bears from Texas
Down the Ramp
Ohio and Canadian Lions
Transitional Habitat
Kit Fox
Wolves (East)
Wolves (West)
Louisiana Wolves
Carnivore Nutrition Center
Veterinary Care
Hoof Stock
Black Bears
Bear Hibernation
Tigers and Beyond
Camels, Horses and Mules
Kangaroos and Farm Animals
More Land
Tiger Pool Area
Social Compatibility
Tiger Matchmaking
Generic Tigers
Mountain Lion "Apartments"
Mountain Lion Habitat
Education Center
Hybrid Lions/Tigers
This Special Use Enclosure
Your Tour is Only Half Over
Ways to Help the Animals
Keep Looking for Animals
Become a Volunteer
Working at the Sanctuary
Summer Safari Dinners
Run Into the Wild Running Festival
Thank You for Visiting
We Can't Do It Without You
Adopting and Pledging
Circle of Life Society
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