COVID-19 - Commonly asked questions

All information below is currently up-to-date

Are you open due to Covid-19?

Yes! We are open to the public from 9am to sunset each day for visitors to come enjoy the Sanctuary.

Do I need to make reservations?

No reservations are required. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

Is there timed entry?

No, we do not have timed entry. Check-in kiosks are spaced apart and allow for social distancing. Our Welcome Center complex is a large, open-air building which allows for ample social distancing space. However, masks are required to be properly worn at all times while in our buildings (Welcome Center, Snack Bar).

Do you have a visitor capacity limit where only a certain amount of guests is allowed in at one time?

No, you and your party are welcome to visit during open business hours at any time. If you are planning to bring a large group out with you (more than 10 people), please contact our office at 303-536-0118 or email to schedule a group visit (we ask at least 2 weeks advance notice).

Are your food facilities open due to Covid-19?

Yes, we have a Lion’s Den Café and Ice Cream Shop in our Welcome Center that are open to the public in compliance with all current state and county regulations for Covid-19 health and safety. There is also a Snack Bar located at the end of our Mile Into the Wild Walkway (1.5 miles down from the Welcome Center) for refreshments while out enjoying the Animals.

Are your picnic areas open due to Covid-19?

Yes, we have picnic tables available for general use in our Welcome Center.

Can guests still bring outside food and drink in?

Yes, outside food/drink is allowed.

Is the full walkway accessible due to Covid-19?

Yes, our Mile Into the Wild elevated walkway is a 3 mile roundtrip experience taking you over vast, expansive habitats where our rescued Animals can be viewed living in natural spaces. The walkway allows for outdoor social distancing away from others. When social distancing is not possible on the walkway (for example while passing other guests or in our education center), we require visitors to wear their masks in compliance with the state requirements until a safe distance is restored.

What age do we require children to wear face masks?

We are following the CDC recommendations for mask safety. All children aged 3 years and older must wear a mask while visiting.

What are our operating days and times due to Covid-19?

We are open 7 days a week, from 9am to sunset. Our closed holidays are New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

What is the sanctuary doing to keep the facility sanitary and to enforce the Covid-19 restrictions?

All Sanctuary staff has been trained in the current Covid-19 safety requirements. We are cleaning/sanitizing regularly, have signage posted at the entrances to all buildings, and are enforcing appropriate mask wearing in public areas. All guests over the age of 3 years old are required to wear a mask at all times while in our Welcome Center and Snack Bar. Guests must also wear a mask when proper social distancing is unable to be maintained on our walkway.

Is there any way my family can go straight up on the walkway and avoid entering the visitor center?

The only way to access our walkway is by entering through the Welcome Center and checking-in with our staff. As previously stated, our Welcome Center complex is a large, open-air building which allows for ample social distancing space. Masks are required to be properly worn at all times while in our buildings (Welcome Center, Snack Bar) and when safe distancing cannot be maintained.

Do I have to buy advanced tickets or will tickets be available to purchase at the door?

You may purchase tickets when you arrive or purchase advance tickets online – whichever is your preference. As always an animal care donation is required in addition to the cost of admission, as something must be contributed to the care of the Animals. For first time visitors, you will be required to watch our orientation video at check-in. However, if you prefer to watch it ahead of time, the video can be viewed prior to visiting on our website Just scroll to the bottom of the page, and watch the Visitors Center Orientation Video.

Do you accept all forms of payment?

Yes, we accept all forms of payment.

Please Note - we absolutely understand that each person has their own level of comfort and understanding of the risks involved with this pandemic.  We realize there are opposing beliefs when it comes to masks and the requirements for wearing them.  However, it is not up to us to decide what is good, bad, right or wrong so we follow the federal, state and county guidelines that are mandated and expect all guests to comply as well.

If you do not wish to wear a mask during visiting activities at our Sanctuary, please choose instead to hold off visiting until all restrictions have been fully lifted.  We have no desire to argue or debate with visitors who show up refusing to comply - and ask that everyone respect our rules for the benefit of the animals.

Thank you!

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