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COVID-19 - Commonly asked questions

All information below is currently up-to-date

Are you open due to Covid-19?

Yes! We are open to the public from 9am to sunset each day for visitors to come enjoy the Sanctuary.

Do you still enforce mask and social distancing requirements?

No, the Sanctuary is located in WELD County and this county has chosen to lift all COVID related restrictions.

Are your food facilities open due to Covid-19?

Yes, we have a Lion’s Den Café and Ice Cream Shop in our Welcome Center that are open to the public, and there is also a Snack Bar located at the end of our Mile Into the Wild Walkway (1.5 miles down from the Welcome Center) for refreshments while out enjoying the Animals.

Are your picnic areas open due to Covid-19?

Yes, we have picnic tables available for general use in our Welcome Center.

Can guests still bring outside food and drink in?

Yes, outside food/drink is allowed.

What is the sanctuary doing to keep the facility sanitary and safe for Covid-19?

All Sanctuary staff has been trained in Covid-19 safety requirements. We are cleaning and sanitizing on a regular basis.

Do I have to buy advanced tickets or will tickets be available to purchase at the door?

You may purchase tickets when you arrive or purchase advance tickets online – whichever is your preference. Tickets purchased online are good for one year.  For first time visitors, you will be required to watch our orientation video at check-in. However, if you prefer to watch it ahead of time, the video can be viewed prior to visiting on our website Just scroll to the bottom of the page, and watch the Visitors Center Orientation Video.

Do you accept all forms of payment?

Yes, we accept all forms of payment.

Please Note - we absolutely understand that each person has their own level of comfort and understanding of the risks involved with this pandemic.  We realize there are opposing beliefs when it comes to masks and the requirements for wearing them.  However, it is not up to us to decide what is good, bad, right or wrong so we simply follow the state and county guidelines.

If you do wish to wear a mask during visiting activities at our Sanctuary, you are more than welcome to do so.

Thank you!

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