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Help Save "Indi"

"Indi" (in-dee) is a very special "Liger" (Lion Father & Tiger Mother) cub that was confiscated from a roadside zoo/breeder in Charlestown, Indiana.  Indi was one of hundreds of exotic animals that were seized by the court to protect them from harm.

Indi needs your help in supporting her care and medical attention, as she is a hybrid big cat known as a Liger.  Of the 14 Big Cats we rescued from the Indiana facility, most were crosses between Lions & Tigers - with some being crossed again for a second generation mix (back to other Tigers or Lions).  This kind of cross-species breeding results in "Liligers" and Tiligers, which creates mutated genetics and numerous irregularities with their physical makeup.


Some of the adult hybrids show signs of severe deformations with their legs, hips, heads and many other parts of their bodies.  Indi is still young, so we do not know the extent of her genetic problems, but we do know she will now live at our Sanctuary for the next 20+ years.  This means she will need lots of love and support, which we hope you will consider joining us.

Below is the rescue story for Indi and the other cats that were rescued from this terrible place.  We hope you will read the story and consider helping Indi and the other cats through a special donation - or by adopting Indi or one of the other Ligers, Liligers or Tiligers.

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PDF Version - HERE

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Please Help These Special Animals!

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