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Speaker's Bureau

We’ve Got a Story to Tell...

The Wild Animal Sanctuary has an exceptional Speakers Bureau, a dynamite power point presentation, and a lot of enthusiasm to go with it! Our dramatic power point presentation is geared for service clubs, professional organizations, and other groups, and we’d love to share it at your breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting.


The presentation can be as short as 15 minutes - or as long as two hours - as we are able to tailor the presentation to fit your needs. Along with the slide show presentation, we encourage everyone to include a substantial questions and answer period, as we usually get enormous interest from audiences, and are happy to stay and answer everyone's questions.


We tell the story of the Captive Wildlife Crisis, and the Sanctuary’s work to save captive exotic and endangered large carnivores and address the issues they face. We also give the audience a number of real-life rescues to see and learn from, as we want everyone to see what really goes on behind each rescue we do.


So, if you have a group, club, business or college-level class that needs a truly interesting presentation, please call or contact us to schedule a time.

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